Do you need an editor, a coach, or both?


Everyone needs an editor. A traditionally published book goes through a minimum of three rounds of editing. They are:

A Developmental Edit (Creative Development) builds the foundation of your book. What is your core message? How will you showcase your unique style and story? We flesh out your concept, imagine your ideal reader, and outline your book.

A Substantive Edit (Content Edit) Once your first draft is complete, the substantive editor refines it. She makes sure your book has a logical order and flow. Grammar, point of view, voice, and  are all handled.

A Line Edit tightens sentence structure and makes sure the language is clear and concise. It insures the book follows the Chicago Manual of Style Guide (or other.)

Copy-editing is the final stage, where punctuation, spelling and other mechanical concerns are corrected. Any wonky sentences that you might've missed are picked up and 

 Writing a book is life-changing. 


A Writer's Coach guides you on the joyful, rich, sometimes-challenging adventure of writing your book.


She will get you past the hurdles that stop others: writer's block, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and fear.


In the end, whether or not you publish, writing is transformational.

You will meet yourself on the pages and be changed forever.

I had this book inside of me and I was working on it for six months. I had been taking writing courses, learning how to do it; I’d done a lot of background research, but I was stuck. When I met Diane all of a sudden it started to open up. She made me hear my voice and not everyone can do that. She has a real talent and now I have actually become a writer.” – Helene Rennervik, Stockholm, Sweden


If your goal is a beautifully written and designed book with the look and feel of a traditional publishing house, we can help.


Our professional team will lovingly guide you through the indie-publishing process with editing, cover and interior design, formatting and guidance about author platform creation, beta-readers, asking for reviews and of course,

your book launch.

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A Woman Writing by the Window

Every week Diane holds up a mirror and shows me who I am." - R.H.

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Hi, I'm Diane Riis

I am a coach with 20+ years working with people who want to grow, change, create and contribute. 

I am an author and developmental editor/creative development specialist who has helped dozens of people bring their dreams to life.


If you are an author or creative who knows that digging deep is the only way to a thoughtful, beautiful product, whatever that is, then let's be in touch. 

If you are sincerely ready to get out of you own way, get unstuck and move on with your dreams, I highly recommend Diane as a writing coach. She is amazing: wise, intuitive, experienced and can take you to the next level. Contact Diane to move forward on the journey of your dreams - I dare you. - Nancy Jean, Damariscotta, ME

SH*T: How a Four Letter Word Can Change Your Life

And How You Can Tell Yourself a Better Story NOW

"We tell ourselves some crazy shit, then we believe it as if it were gospel. We preserve it in memory, entrench it in our heads through journaling, and retell it over and over to other people."

"But, as a creator, you are never stuck with the old ways of telling your story. You are the author, and everything is re-write-able."

A smart, funny and down-to-earth life guide. Diane shows you the power to create your world! Diane is a straight shooting writer and teacher. So much practical advice and wisdom in this book.


- Giovanna Capozza, Relationship Coach, Writer, and host of SHE RISES Podcast

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