An author's coach doesn't only coach the book and the 

goals...the outlines and grammar.

She coaches the dream, the divine inspiration in the writer so the story can take flesh and touch readers.


In the process, you become more of who you're meant to be. 


I had this book inside of me and I was working on it for six months. I had been taking writing courses, learning how to do it; I’d done a lot of background research, but I was stuck. When I met Diane all of a sudden it started to open up. She made me hear my voice and not everyone can do that. She has a real talent and now I have actually become a writer.” – Helene Rennervik, Stockholm, Sweden


Do you want to write a full-length fiction or nonfiction book?

We can help you plan, craft and revise a compelling and beautifully written book and can get you past the hurdles that stop others: writer's block, imposter syndrome, and fear.


Our professional team will lovingly guide you through the self-publishing process with editing, book design and marketing services.


Creativity coaching takes

everything you've been through, everything you are, believe, dream and want to create

and spins it into gold.


This is alchemy.

Stop talking yourself out of it. Stop stopping.

Studying at Home



Once I  told a marketer that I was a creativity coach.

She said, "Artists and writers have no money. 

Pick people who can pay you." 

But creativity isn't just for artists or writers. 

I believe whatever you dream of building, being, or making, is holy.

The Divine is dreaming through you.

If you do what you're here to do,

you move this whole process of human evolution forward.

Is that spiritual? Yeah.


Every week Diane holds up a mirror and shows me who I am." - R.H.

SH*T: How a Four Letter Word Can Change Your Life

And How You Can Tell Yourself a Better Story NOW

"We tell ourselves some crazy shit, then we believe it as if it were gospel. We preserve it in memory, entrench it in our heads through journaling, and retell it over and over to other people."

"But, as a creator, you are never stuck with the old ways of telling your story. You are the author, and everything is re-write-able."