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Hi There!  

I am Diane, and I write for  

coaches, inspirers, entrepreneurs,

and people in the helping and healing professions. 



     I've been in the self-help and inspiration niche for a long time. I'm a coach and creative-type who puts words              together so people can tell a story about who they are, how they serve, and what inspires them.

     I am trained to listen. That lets me write in your voice. No matter what we write together, you'll sound like YOU, in      all your distinctive glory.

     So, let's connect. If you're not sure how well your website is working to convey your message, I can audit it and          talk about it with you.    

     Not sure whether you need a tweak or a re-write on your book, blog or direct marketing piece? Let's talk about it.


     If you're wondering about rates, schedule a chat, shoot me a message and tell me what you need. I'll get right    

     back to you.

     I offer simple writing magic at your disposal, done with patience, speed, respect and only good intentions for      

     your success. 




"Diane, I am so grateful that you have taken the challenge of writing web copy out of my hands and into yours. You have transformed my passion into a message that truly supports my work and serves my clients beautifully."  Patty Hanson, Professional Coach