What People Are Saying

"Diane was superb. She is articulate, and skilled in asking the questions to draw out what I wanted said. Her years of experience and education has elevated the level of my writing." 

– Dawn Large, Victoria BC



"Diane has made me hear my voice, and I have actually become a writer, but I’ve always been a writer…she's helped me bring it forth. She's captured it. Not everyone can do that. She has something really, really special. She has a real talent. Now I'm an author."


- Helene Rennervik, Stockholm Sweden



"I so appreciate Diane’s commitment to my outcome. Her dedication to every project has been completely selfless. She writes like I would write. It’s important to not only understand her client but also his or her audience. She is a master. I am SO grateful I have her in my corner! I would love to sing her praises to anyone.  She’s the best."

- Jim Richardson, Click Thru Consulting

I had this book inside of me and I was working on it for six months. I had been taking writing courses, learning how to do it; I’d done a lot of background research, but I was stuck. When I met Diane all of a sudden it started to open up. She made me hear my voice and not everyone can do that. She has a real talent and now I have actually become a writer.” 

– Helene Rennervik, Stockholm, Sweden

Every week Diane holds up a mirror and shows me who I am." 


- R.H.

If you are sincerely ready to get out of you own way, get unstuck and move on with your dreams, I highly recommend Diane as a writing coach. She is amazing: wise, intuitive, experienced and can take you to the next level. Contact Diane to move forward on the journey of your dreams - I dare you. 

- Nancy Jean, Damariscotta, ME