What People Are Saying

"Diane was superb. She is articulate, and skilled in asking the questions to draw out what I wanted said. Her years of experience and education has elevated the level of my writing." 

– Dawn Large, Victoria BC



"Diane has made me hear my voice, and I have actually become a writer, but I’ve always been a writer…she's helped me bring it forth. She's captured it. Not everyone can do that. She has something really, really special. She has a real talent. Now I'm an author."


- Helene Rennervik, Stockholm Sweden



"I so appreciate Diane’s commitment to my outcome. Her dedication to every project has been completely selfless. She writes like I would write. It’s important to not only understand her client but also his or her audience. She is a master. I am SO grateful I have her in my corner! I would love to sing her praises to anyone.  She’s the best."

- Jim Richardson, Click Thru Consulting

Every week Diane holds up a mirror and shows me who I am." 


- R.H.



If you are sincerely ready to get out of you own way, get unstuck and move on with your dreams, I highly recommend Diane as a writing coach. She is amazing: wise, intuitive, experienced and can take you to the next level. Contact Diane to move forward on the journey of your dreams - I dare you. 

- Nancy Jean, Damariscotta, ME

Hello fellow authors.  I wanted to express my feelings about Diane Riis for anyone looking for her services.  Diane is a Gem!  I am so happy I found her.  I hired Diane to help me with my recent book, “It’s The Other Guy”, and I am so glad that I did.  She provided me with so much more then I ever anticipated.  She elevated my final product in so many ways.  I am a high believer in collaboration in many things, and Diane was a great one.  She always seemed to be able to keep me on track with things, helping me organize my thoughts in the most coherent of ways.  She knew when to chime in and gave me so many wonderful suggestions.  Diane is the total package.  Whatever she didn’t offer herself she introduced me to the most wonderful people who did.  I really can’t express just how much she meant to me and my book.  It never would have finished up the way it did without her.  I am so happy with Diane and my book.  You will not regret giving Diane a try, she will exceed your expectations as well.


- Mitch Cantor

Author, songwriter, business person

I don’t know how Diane put up with me through the process (of writing my book) but I’m glad she did. Without her skills and expertise and unending patience, this book never would have happened.

- Julie Glynn

Diane alleviated my frustration of knowing what I want to say but not being able to put it into words. She efficiently drew out what I wanted to say and then crafted my words brilliantly. The time and energy she saved me was worth every penny. For years Diane has worked with me to take my writings and turn them around into a call to action. What would have taken me days to do, she did a fraction of the time and the end product was amazing.

-Dawn L. — Victoria BC