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What if you had  a message that was true to you? No sleaze, hype, lingo, or BS? What if people wanted to get on your mailing list because you told them something that actually helps? What if your only "formula" was your honest, transparent, open, weird and wonderful self? 

Content is more important than search engine optimization because it provides value. Even before we all focused on "algorithms" Google ranked quality, original, "organic" content above everything else. You might still want to write an ad at some point, but content is king. 


I know your pages have to "convert" visitors to prospects, prospects to clients, strangers to members of the blogging community or the email list, blah, blah, blah. 


But, I'd rather look at it this way: Every page is a chance to teach, connect, inspire or make somebody feel hopeful. Like you might be the answer to their question, prayer, need. 

If that's how you see it too, it makes sense to connect.