Author Coaching 

Do you want help sharing your message with the world?

Maybe you feel like you never get anywhere with your book or you're struggling to start or finish. 


 Do you face procrastination? Self-Doubt? Overwhelm?


Maybe you know the book isn't quite right, but you can't put your finger on the problem.


Nobody can read your manuscript or dream about your book (or get you unstuck) the way a gifted author's coach can. I'm a developmental editor too, so I can help you work out the logistics as well as the mindset.


Schedule a call with me to see what it's like to work together. 



Earth and Soul Publishing

I used to get to the end of brilliant manuscripts with clients, who would excitedly say, "Now what?!" And I'd have to send them out into the cold, cruel world of self publishing all alone. 


Now, my team and I offer full self-publishing support, including editing, proofreading, book covers, interior design, and help with uploading your manuscript to publishing platforms such as Amazon.  

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